Merry Christmas Mr. Island God Magic show


Parisian Theatre

18 December 2020 (Fri), 8:00pm
19 December 2020 (Sat), 3:00pm/8:00pm
20 December 2020 (Sun), 3:00pm/8:00pm

Stage Show


Three famous magicians Nathan Lam, Witness Kou and Alex Ng, with Manner’s artists HO100, Rachel, Hou Dee, Puinam and Tina, bringing together talents to create a combination of magic, illusion, drama, comedy, music, dance and many funny and entertaining performances! Let’s celebrate the coming Christmas all together!

This magic drama is about three idiots - a butcher, an insurance agent and a hip hop singer. They travelled around the world by a hot air balloon. However, the balloon was hit by lightning and they were left in a mysterious island.

In the island, they met many passionate natives and Mr. Island God who has super powerful magic power! They were also given three wishes by Mr. Island God as a welcome gift!

Whether their wishes can come true? Whether they can come home to celebrate Christmas with their families? A Funny, magical and exciting adventure has begun!

Character setting
Nathan Lam - Butcher
Witness Kou - Hip Hop singer
Alex Ng - Insurance agent
HO100 -Mr Island God
Rachel - Fairy
Hou Dee - Passionate natives
Puinam - Passionate natives
Tina - Passionate natives , Secretary of Mr Island God

Ticket Information

Show Ticket For One:

A Reserve: MOP 580
B Reserve: MOP 480
C Reserve: MOP 380

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