Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy introduced the legendary tattooist Don Ed Hardy’s art into the fashion world. Transfuse it with retro puck elements and street culture, successfully combined tattoo art and fashion.

Ed Hardy clothing line often utilizes methods like embroidery, washing and ink splashing to build a sexy and assertive character. With Don Ed Hardy’s superb composition and rich color, the clothes with the simplest cutting can have an amazing effect. Ed Hardy’s design not only includes the white eagle, which represents the American spirit, crouching tiger, skeletons, devils, daggers, nudity and etc. but also the oriental flavored carp, dragon and tiger totem. 

Ed Hardy relevant apparel for men and women, including accessories, watches, eyewear.

MallShoppes at Parisian
LocationShop 549, Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, Level 5
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