Isabelle Langlois

Isabelle Langlois is a Parisian Jewellery brand which started from family heritage of great expertise of colored gemstone cutting. The inspiration of the brand is coming from Mother Nature, each Jewellery piece replicates the creation of Mother Nature: the impeccable colored array of a bouquet of cut flowers, a coral branch and much more. 
MallShoppes at Parisian
LocationShop 331, Place Vendome, Level 3
Phone Number+853 2896 6618
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Isabelle Langlois Macau

Amidst the wide assortment of colors, shades, sizes and shapes, the brand plays with over 70,000 colored gemstones to perfect its poetic Jewellery piece, and all of the stones are carefully selected from all around the globe. 

There will be a VIP room inside the retail shop, buyers could select their piece of Jewellery inside an area that provides great privacy. The shop will hold some in-house events irregularly, where customers can appreciate each Jewellery piece by learning its distinctive story behind. All staffs will be trained to deliver the service in a chin and elegant manner.