La Seine Salon de thé

The river Seine flows with a beautiful curve line through the heart of Paris. Both River bank sides stand with tempting shopping, galleries and cafes along the way, showing different aspects of Parisian lifestyle and food culture. Take a coffee and famous croissant for the morning breakfast, then choose a sandwich baguette for a lunch spot, why not come again to taste the delicious cakes with the beauties for the afternoon tea, change with a dress-up look and come with the beloved ones for a dinner in a distinct culinary culture! What a romantic and Parisian lifestyle day. It is not a dream now…… to have a true Parisian lifestyle feel, awaiting for your visit to "La Seine salon de the" a teahouse, café restaurant.


Shoppes at Parisian


Shop 357b, Level 3

Opening Hours:

10:30am – 7:00pm
*Individual store trading hours may vary