New luxury landmark hotel in Macau — The Parisian Macao Grand Opening on 13 September!

Parisian Spirit

Welcome to The Parisian Macao, welcome to the real essence of Paris! Tour our charming streets, peruse some of the best luxury boutiques, sample delicious French macarons, dance to the jazz-age music, and become a part of the City of Light.

Sneak Preview of The Parisian Macao

Soar through The Parisian Macao and experience our Paris before the doors open. Get to know The Shoppes, incomparable pool deck, and Aqua World before passing the symbolic love-lock bridge to the Eiffel Tower. Then, up the tower to the spectacular views from the observation decks.

The Eiffel Tower Comes to Life

Witness how the much anticipated Eiffel Tower at The Parisian Macao came to be — from its initial steps, shrouded in scaffolding, to the final piece being lifted into place before the hotel's elegant, French façade.

The Eiffel Tower is Illuminated

From day, we move to night. Watch as the completed Eiffel Tower sparkles with light and colours that shine from base to top, casting a romantic glow over the hotel. Soon to be a nightly affair, the tower can do more than just dazzle – it can spell out personal messages, amazing you and your loved ones. Imagine your name, your unique message, up in lights on the Eiffel Tower – that is how you become a true part of Paris. That is how The Parisian Macao makes your dreams come true.